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«Medical Research Methodology»

Background and objectives

Τhe Masters in Medical Research Methodology was developed in an attempt to familiarize medical graduates with the latest developments in medical research and provide them with the basic and advanced skills to search, analyse, and disseminate research outputs.

The main objective of the program is to train students in a wide range of basic and applied research methods in the field of health and medicine. It also aims at familiarizing them with the up to date IT applications. The program has an equal focus on basic and applied research. In agreement with international developments, the program puts a special emphasis on the skills required to design, conduct and present translational research.

Students are being trained to:

  • Access, synthesize and evaluate latest evidence in each field
  • Make evidence-based clinical decisions
  • Generate evidence-based hypotheses
  • Design rigorous methodologies
  • Present research outputs in several formats
  • Work in multidisciplinary teams
  • Write research grants and identify research funding

Graduates from the program are equipped with all research methodology skills in order to either continue for a doctoral dissertation, or work a research officers in research institutes, or advisors in health services. They also acquire the necessary knowledge to provide evidence based medical practice.

The training program is divided into three streams: Basic Medical Research, Clinical Medical Research and Social Medical Research.

Duration of studies

This is a two year full time program. For the acquisition of the Postgraduate Specialization Degree "Medical Research Methodology", students have to complete a set of modules extending over 4 semesters corresponding to 120 ECTS

  • 1st semester (30 ECTS) - 6 modules
  • 2nd semester (30 ECTS) - 6 modules
  • 3rd semester (30 ECTS) - specialized research seminars, updated on a yearly basis
  • 4th semester (30 ECTS) - Postgraduate Thesis

Classes take place 3-4 times a week in the evenings.

Access requirements

Graduates from any national or international academic institution in the field of Medicine, Health, or related disciplines can apply for the program. A 6.5 GPA, and knowledge of the Greek and English language is required. Foreign nationals are invited to apply provided they have proven knowledge of the English language. Courses are held in the Greek language. Prerequisite for a foreign student to attend is a level C2 certificate of knowledge of the Greek language..

Program of studies

Module Semester ECTS
Medical Informatics 1st 5
Research Methodology and Epidemiology 1st 5
Communication & presentation skills 1st 5
Basic research methodology in medicine 1st 5
Medical Statistics 1st 5
Scientific Writing 1st 5
Evidence-based Medicine 2nd 5
Research Methodology and Epidemiology II 2nd 5
Social Research Methodology in health services 2nd 5
Basic research methodology in medicine II 2nd 5
Medical Statistics II 2nd 5
Clinical Trials 2nd 5
Specialised research workshops (updated on a yearly basis) 3rd 30
Master Thesis 4th 30


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